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Employee Spotlight Interview – Lee Remmers – Superintendent

November 21, 2016

As a family-owned company, we recognize that putting each other first is most important. Just ask Superintendent Lee Remmers, who values each of our homeowners as part of our West Hills family. When he’s not fishing, hunting, or spending time with his favorite people, rest assured that Lee is overseeing each home with you in mind.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working at West Hills Homes NW?
    Being on the construction side of the business, I’d say it’s that the results of your work are so tangible. I love seeing the homes come together, and mostly, seeing the final product. It’s the end result of all WHH employees, and it is nice knowing it’ll be cherished and enjoyed by one of our customers.
  2. What makes West Hills Homes different as it relates to home buyers?
    Many things, but to name a few the overall quality of the home, and perhaps most importantly, that WHH will stand behind our product. Our Warranty and Customer Service are top notch. All WHH employees are quality people who understand the business, and know that customer satisfaction is the main goal.
  3. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
    Spending time with family and friends, hunting/fishing and enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with my dog, sports, traveling, and working out.
  4. What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
    I have a dad and two brothers who also enjoy sports, so getting together with them to watch a game is fun. Shopping with, or having my mom over for dinner is nice. My family and I love to get together for a dinner out as well, as a way to catch up and enjoy each others company.
  5. Are you a Portland native? If so, where in PDX did you grow up? If not, what brought you to the city?
    Yes, I grew up in SW Portland, then when I was in elementary school my family and I moved to the Cedar Mill area. I currently reside in the Bethany area. I love it here and have never felt tempted to leave. To me, a city like Portland, and the Northwest in general, offer something for everyone regardless of lifestyle.
  6. What advice do you have for those looking for a new home?
    I think it’s hard to say as there are many variables. If you have a family, that has to be a major consideration. Location’s always important. Just find a home that you can see yourself in and that fits your lifestyle.
  7. What’s your favorite part of your home?
    I live in a townhouse in Bethany. I’d say my favorite part of it is the location. There are many restaurants and shops within walking distance and several walking trails. As a dog owner I really enjoy the walkability.

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